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About Burnpur Hirapur Educational Society

Teacher education must become more sensitive to the emerging demands from the school system. For this it must prepare the teachers for the roles of being an:

1.     Encouraging, supportive and human facilitator in teaching-learning situation to enable learners (students) to discover their talents.

2.     Active member of a group of persons who makes a conscious effort for curricular renewal so that it is relevant to changing social needs and the personal need of learners. So the teachers need to be prepared to

                      i.        Care for children and should love to be with them.

                     ii.        Understand children within social, cultural and political contexts.

                    iii.        Be receptive and be constantly learning.

                    iv.        View learning as a search for meaning out of personal experience and knowledge generation as a continuously evolving process of reflective learning.

                     v.        View knowledge not as an external reality embedded in textbooks but as constructed in the shared contexts of teaching-leaning and personal experience.

                    vi.        Our responsibility towards society and work to build a better world.

                   vii.        Analyse the curriculum framework, policy implication and texts.

In such an educational scenario, Burnpur Hirapur Educational Society, registered under West Bengal Society Act. Vide No. L/26908 of 2004-2005, took the venture to establish a B.Ed college on self-financing basis at Burnpur, PS- Hirapur, Dist-Burdwan with the help and active co-operation of some education-loving persons of the area. Common people too appreciated this endeavor and come forward with all kinds of assistance. Proposal for setting up a B.Ed College at Burnpur was placed before the State Government and the University of Burdwan. In condensation of the justification of the proposal the State Government of West Bengal issued N.O.C. vide letter No. 576-Edn(CS)40-40/05 dated, Kolkata, the 24th August 2005 and the University of Burdwan accorded affiliation to this B.Ed. College vide letter No. IC/affln./P/132/483 dated 30th January 2006. In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration Act, 2014 (West Ben. Act XXI of 2014), and subject to the provisions of section 64 of the said Act, the Governor is hereby, pleased to appoint the 1st Day of August, 2021 as the ‘appoint day’, from which the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) courses conducted by the Self-financing private colleges which are situated in the Districts of Paschim Burdwan and presently affiliated under the Burdwan University, shall be deemed to have come under the affiliation of the West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Planning and Administration and simultaneously, shall be deemed to have ceased to be affiliated under the Burdwan University.