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Courses Offered

Course of Study : Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Intake Capacity : 100 (One Hundred)
Syllabus : As prescribed by Baba Saheb Ambedkar Education University (B.S.A.E.U.)
Course Duration : 2 (Two) years
Medium of Instruction : Bengali / English/ Hindi

Method subjects

1. English
2. Bengali
3. Hindi
4. Sanskrit
5. History
6. Geography
7. Philosophy
8. Education
9. Physical Science
10. Mathematics
11. Life Science Group
12. Political Science
13. commerce

Baba Saheb Ambedkar Education University (B.S.A.E.U.)

Syllabus of B.Ed. Course of Study

With effect from 2015-17

Detailed Course Structure

A. Foundations of Education

100 (80-written + 10 (tutorial – one from each paper) + 10 (test examination) ×3=300

Paper I. Philosophical Foundations of Education

Paper II. Sociological Foundations of Education

Paper III. Contemporary Issues and Development in Education

B. Pedagogical knowledge

100 (80 -written + 10 (tutorial - one from each paper + 10 (test examination)) ×5=500

Paper IV. Psychology of Learning

Paper V. Psychology of Instruction

Paper VI . Guidance & Counselling – Approaches & Strategies

Paper VII. School Organization and Management

Paper VIII. Educational Technology and Evaluation

C. Pedagogical Content Knowledge of School Subjects 100 (20 (Content) + 30 (Pedagogical

Analysis) + 50 (Methodology) ×2=200

Paper IX. School Subject 1

Paper X. School Subject 2

D. Practical Papers

Paper XI. Teaching practical (Method 1) 100

Paper XII. Teaching practical (Method 2) 100

Paper XIII. (a) Simulated / Micro Teaching 25×2=50

(b) Lab Practical / Text Book Review (Any Text-book from class VIII-IX / IX-X/

XI-XII as applicable) 50

For Text Book Review analyse the following (10×5=50)

a) Written according to the direction of the board

b) Written according to the curriculum

c) Language

d) Printing and get-up

e) Subject matter

Paper XIV. Sessional Activities 20×5=100

a) Co-curricular activities-Cultural activities, gardening, games, sports etc.

b) Educational outreach programme

c) Workshop-Based Activities or School-Based Activities –(any one)

WBA: Achievement Test Preparation or Administration of Psychological Test

SBA: Conducting a Case Study